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Theme Song

I do not even know anymore.


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I just wanted to say you guys are fantastic. I’m stunned by the amount of submissions. Keep them coming! That said just for clarification there are a couple things I am not going to review:

  • JonClubs (I believe Adam from TribeTwelve handled that nicely for all of us)
  • Anything that seems to be a RolePlay account. However if the account frequently responds to known SlenderBlogs I’ll take it into consideration.
  • White Elephants – This blog was not the problem. It was everything that stole from it.
  • Humor blogs or things which are terrible on purpose. That means no A New Blog That’s Not Mine or Why Are You Running.

Next up will be Slendersightings. I received an overwhelming 9 recommendations for it. And reviewing it, this is gold. Additionally this made everything in life glorious:

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