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I just wanted to say you guys are fantastic. I’m stunned by the amount of submissions. Keep them coming! That said just for clarification there are a couple things I am not going to review:

  • JonClubs (I believe Adam from TribeTwelve handled that nicely for all of us)
  • Anything that seems to be a RolePlay account. However if the account frequently responds to known SlenderBlogs I’ll take it into consideration.
  • White Elephants – This blog was not the problem. It was everything that stole from it.
  • Humor blogs or things which are terrible on purpose. That means no A New Blog That’s Not Mine or Why Are You Running.

Next up will be Slendersightings. I received an overwhelming 9 recommendations for it. And reviewing it, this is gold. Additionally this made everything in life glorious:


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My very first feedback to this blog:

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In the world of all things Slender there are those which simply wish to force themselves into the mythos. By any means necessary. Some will forever be remembered for creating a meme simply by their inability to structure sentences ¬†and some are just so poorly written it’s impossible to make out what’s even going on.

Because we all need a reason to shake our heads and sigh loudly, this shall be their moment of glory. Where they are revealed into the world for the horrid, atrocious blights on the community that they are.

Gamejacking the gamejackers. I make move now.

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