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Jane Doe


One day, not so long ago, December 19th in fact, someone decided that there was not enough going on with EverymanHYBRID. What else could they require that the rake, the Slenderman and HABIT could not provide? Evidently an anonymous girl who named herself Ass1stant who must help them or they will die.

It started with an audio file named gwnvtereliioeatkr.wav (anagram solved could be: Overwritten, Overtalked, though it’s possible it says Overweak Littering). To my untrained ears it sounds like a song. Messing around in an audio program I was only able to decipher the words: One thousand years, and my servant. Of course I didn’t want to devote more than 15 minutes of my life to this so the mystery remains unsolved.

EMH has never responded to any of her inquiries. And nothing has been posted for 10 days. Most likely this has tapered off and died since her efforts proved fruitless. I found this interesting since it began with an actually intriguing bit of a sound file, but as this was directed towards only EMH no one else is being allowed to participate.

Gamejack: Failed.


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