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And thus we begin.


Unforum Thread

This is a combination Twitter feed and minimal vlog post of a high school girl who apparently has been stalked by Slenderman since her childhood. The twitter feed began in November of this year with her commenting to Marble Hornets about  solving a mystery that no one was interested in. Her first actual tweet:

i need help with this case. its annoying the hell out of me that i cant solve it i solved the s+ it means sad but i need more information.

Not only is it terrible grammar and nonsensical tweets, but the game jacking attempts are horrendous. She has attempted to talk to:

  • Marble Hornets
  • Tribe Twelve
  • Can You See the Words
  • Hidden in a Locked Room ((Which is also horrific and deserving of its own post on this blog))
  • EverymanHYBRID ((With an astonishing 21 @’s in one hour))
  • Chase & Michuri of Stopping Lights
  • Zytherys
  • Slender Sightings

One of the most telling tweets:

@EverymanHYBRID please dont think of me as weird i jsut need answers, i treid to tweet tribe twelve but i dont think hes on and your


If none of this sounds familiar this may:

Special thanks to G.I.R of the Unfiction forums for meme!Photo.

What makes this a notable piece of SlenderFail is both the detestable grammar and the fact that this account is solely for gamejacking. ((Gamejacking: v. To attempt to insert yourself, or your character, into an existing game or story.))

She’s tried with every popular vlog and, getting an unsuitable response,  has descended into gamejacking c-rate blogs. Both EMH and Zytherys appear to respond to her out of pity. Michiru might be attempting to include her but it’s difficult to tell.

The video part seems to focus on figuring out and trying to communicate with Noah from Tribe 12. But the twitter account is her own attempt at making a SlenderStory. She’s hit all the major points: ((Get your BINGO sheets at the ready))

  1. Hacked Twitter feed
  2. Weird hallowed personality
  3. Slenderman has been spotted
  4. Gamejacking
  5. Weird Dreams
  6. Lost time
  7. SlenderSickness
  8. Pleas for help from the audience
  9. Pleas for help to: J, Noah, Evan,  totheark, Chase and Michiru.

Stay tuned. Who knows when more memes may spring to life.

BINGO compiled and created by Compulsory Basket.



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